4 Reasons Mukilteo Should Be Your New Home!

4 Reasons Mukilteo Should Be Your New Home!

Not only is Mukilteo one of the most affluent neighborhoods in north Seattle, it’s also an ever-growing opportunity for prime real estate that is only rapidly growing in value! If you come in and get your hands on one of these soon-to-be unavailable homes you could experience what so many others are already enjoying! Mukilteo by definition means “good camping ground,” which makes it either a prime home or vacation—or both! Mukilteo offers a vibrant bar-scene, as well as rural areas to camp, AND a ferry to Whidbey Island which is where a very, very fun park is located to camp. Let’s get in to it!

Brand-new High-grade Construction!

Let’s start with the actual house you could make your new home. It’s brand-new, and in great condition. Highly professional and experienced structural engineering serviceswere hired in order to ensure the quality of these homes. We took on this project with quality of the homes being the most important point we want people to focus on.  If the roof wasn’t brand new you might need to look into hiring a Re Roofing contractor. They would then tell you how long it was going to take and they would take care of it. It’s not a dealbreaker, but you only stand to benefit here. With a brand new roof built to withstand the area, you can expect your loved ones, your possessions, and you to be protected for a long time.

Taking this into account as the tip of the spear for our project, no expense was spared. The new construction roof is built to last, and withstand. While of course it would be unwise to not recommend regular inspection, we stand by our claim: these are quality homes that shouldn’t give you any issues for years to come.

The Beach!

Mukilteo is a waterfront city in our great Snohomish County-area we serve, and we’re giddy to bring attention to it. Not only are there fine restaurants and bars, as well as rural areas to get away—it’s right next to the beach! A true aspect of the PNW experience is having easy access to a beach. Beaches become essential to any PNW’er when the sun comes out for a few months in what we call “summer.” This is where we absorb the vitamin D that will get us through the rainy, potentially snowy winter. If moving to Washington, try to be close to the beach because it will bring you much joy, guaranteed, you can Visit This Site for more info! And you can bring the kids!

Eat By The Beach!

Arnies Restaurant & Grill is the premier waterfront dining experience that doesn’t break the bank in Mukilteo. Enjoy sweeping panoramic views of snow covered Olympic Mountains and the beautiful Puget Sound while celebrating the phenomenon that is a sunny Seattle summer. They take pride in 39 years of quality, genuine service. They skillfully prepare local products and spectacular views on the waterfront in one of our hottest areas for real estate. Enjoy the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Camping In The City!

Voted #3 of 15 best activities by Trip Advisor in Mukilteo, Lighthouse Park is a sight to behold. Typically boasting a windy shoreline, Lighthouse Park is a prime space to engage in quality PNW summer camping. If you book your reservations soon—they go quick! The park was constructed in the 1950s on a filled tideland and has provided continuous public beach access since 2003 when it was deemed to the city. This is a place where you can comfortably live and still get away without having to make much of a drive.


Take A Ferry To Whidbey Island

Not only is there solid camping in Mukilteo, there is also a convenient ferry at the water that will take you to Clinton, a southern-tip town on Whidbey Island. Our favorite place to camp that offers an ocean-side escape to city life is Deception Pass State Park. This amazing park is a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island, in the northwest part of the U.S. state of Washington. This is the convenient, affordable (if booked in a timely manner!), and magical weekend vacation that you and your spouse, or the whole family can go to and make happy memories.


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