15 Hottest American Cities of the Future!

We can’t all predict the future but Jennifer Polland of Yahoo Finance/Business Insider compiled a list of the 15 cities they think will be hot in 20 years. To compile the list they looked at factors such as job growth, population growth and demographics, affordability, livability, and the health and well being of the residents. There were extra factors considered such as how the city is innovating in terms of technology, sustainability, culture, and more. See overview on hostgator services here for your company website.

They even thought about how “cool” the city is–an important factor in attracting the young, creative types who will make the city hot.

This includes how the next generation will influence the city–whether they’re hipsters, tech-savvy pros, artists, or environmentalists. The cities that made the list vary greatly, but they all have one thing in common: great people and great ideas.

The List As Follows:

1.) Brooklyn, NY: will become a cool capital of culture

2.) Seattle, WA: will be the best place to be a young professional

Seattle gained momentum back in the ‘90s when Kurt Cobain started the grunge trend and a little coffee shop called Starbucks began to gain traction.

Today the city continues to attract young people and was recently ranked the best place for young professionals to thrive, according to mobile events company timeRAZOR, thanks to its high number of bars and restaurants (numbering over 6,000) and its high median income (the average college graduate there earns $53,185 annually).

Seattle was also ranked one of the 10 Cities with the Fastest Growing Wages in America. Home to major corporations Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing, and tech startups like Facebook and Zynga (which recently opened offices there), the city will continue to attract young, creative professionals in the next few decades.

3.) Austin, TX: will create tons of new jobs

4.) Portland, OR: will become one of the coolest cities for young people

5.) Boulder, CO: will become the newest hotbed for startups

6.) Raleigh, NC: will be an amazing place to get a job

7.) Detroit, MI: will make a comeback

8.) Philadelphia, PA: will become a dynamic arts destination

9.) Nashville, TN: will offer a lot more than just country music

10.) Bentonville, AR: will thrive as home to one of the biggest companies in the US

11.) Burlington, VT: will continue to trail blaze as a sustainable city

12.) Mountain View, CA: will continue to lead as a tech city

13.) Pittsburgh, PA: will become the next hipster haven

14.) Salt Lake City, UT: will attract the most college grads

15.) Williston, ND: will make oil money hand over fist


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